Who made this and why?
This site was conceived, designed and developed by Stephen Braitsch and Kristine Arth. We're just two people who are both very passionate about mobilizing people to vote in the upcoming mid term elections and wanted to create a platform where we, and anyone else, can share why it's especially important to vote this year.
I uploaded a video, now I would like to delete it.
No problem, we just need to prove that the video you want to delete is yours. The only way we can do this is if you send us an email from the same email account you gave us when you submitted your video. Please include in your request the link to your video that was provided to you in the email you received when your video went live.
I submitted a video like ten minutes ago and it's not up on the site yet. What's taking so long?
We have to check each video for inappropriate content before we send it live because, well, this is the internet after all. This is a platform for free and open discussion that welcomes all political and socioeconomic views however any form of racism, sexism, nudity, and/or personal attacks will not be tolerated. We're a very small team (2 people) working on multiple projects and we promise we'll do everything we can to get your video on the site as soon as possible. If it's been more than 24 hours since you submitted your video feel free to contact us and we'll take a look. Thanks again for contributing!
What will you do with my data (video, voice, image, location, email) etc if I share them with you?
We take privacy extremely seriously. We will never share any personal information you share with us with anyone without your explicit consent. We only request your email so that we have a way to map your video back to you in the event that you want to delete it. We request your location so that we may provide you with resources that can help you increase voter turnout in your area. If you have any other questions please don't hesitate to contact us.
Why doesn't this work on my iPhone, iPad, Motorola RAZR etc?
We use WebRTC to talk to your camera which unfortunately isn't really supported by Apple yet which is why the recording pages do not work in Safari. WebRTC produces a file stream in WebM format which we transcode to MP4(h264) on the server before saving it to disk. This allows the videos to play in browsers that do not support the native WebM format.
Can I use this platform at a popup event?
Absolutely! In fact, we would love that! Please contact us about your event and let's see what we can do.